Places To Visit In Tadoba National Park

places-to visit in tadoba

Top Attractions – Places to Visit in Tadoba

Tadoba National Park, located in the state of Maharashtra, is one of India’s most popular wildlife sanctuaries. Spanning over 1727 sq km, this protected forest is home to rich biodiversity, including endangered species like tigers, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, and more. If you’re planning a trip to Tadoba, be sure to book a safari with AMZ Cabs by calling 7666840935 or booking online. Our experienced drivers know the best routes for wildlife sightings. Here are some of the top places you must visit in Tadoba National Park:

Tadoba Lake


One of the most popular spots in the reserve, Tadoba Lake is frequented by various animals looking to quench their thirst. Early morning is the best time to catch glimpses of deer, monkeys, wild boars, marsh crocodiles, and even tigers congregating near the water body. The lake shimmers golden at sunrise, making for stunning photographs. Keep your eyes peeled for kingfishers and storks fishing in the lake as well.

Telia Lake


Another picturesque lake within the national park, Telia is a hotspot for tigers. Safaris often halt here around dusk, as it’s not uncommon to spot big cats emerging from the woods for water. Grazing sambar deer and gaur are also a common sight. The marshy banks of Telia Lake attract migratory birds in winter, so be sure to carry binoculars.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba-tiger reserve

The oldest and largest national park in Maharashtra, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the prime destination for tiger spotting. Safari vehicles are only allowed in two designated zones of the reserve, where your chances of sighting the big cat are extremely high. Apart from tigers, the Reserve is also home to nilgais, chitals, bears, spotted deer, and rare birds like the crested serpent eagle.

Moharli Gate


One of the gates of Tadoba Reserve through which safari vehicles enter is the Moharli Gate. Located in the Moharli village, it leads you straight into the reserve’s wilderness. Those hoping to spot tigers should book early morning safaris entering through Moharli Gate, as you may catch the big cats out on their morning walk. Herds of deer are also commonly seen grazing in this area.

Tadoba National Park has much more to offer beyond thrilling tiger sightings. With verdant forests, exotic biodiversity, and lush landscapes, it’s a nature and wildlife lover’s paradise. For a hassle free journey book Nagpur to Tadoba cab tour with AMZ Cabs by calling 7666840935 or booking online. Our knowledgeable drivers will enrich your experience of Tadoba’s wilderness.

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