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Nagpur, the third largest city in Maharashtra, captivates tourists with its rich history, vibrant culture, picturesque lakes, exotic wildlife parks, and unique mix of religiously significant destinations. To fully uncover the best of Nagpur and craft a sightseeing experience tailored to your interests requires the expertise of a local guide.

Look no further than AMZ Cabs to pair you with an experienced driver so you can conveniently explore Nagpur’s most renowned tourist attractions as well as hidden local gems usually unseen by visitors. As your personal licensed tour guide, our English-speaking staff spares you the hassle of navigating the sights solo while sharing insightful commentary and recommendations based on over a decade serving Nagpur’s tourists and residents alike.

Must-See Highlights of Nagpur with AMZ Cabs

Futala Lake: Discovering the Essence of the “Orange City”

Begin your Nagpur odyssey at Futala Lake, the heartbeat of the city. Delight in its serene ambiance as you wander through picturesque gardens or rent paddle boats, basking in the splendid sunset hues that grace the tranquil waters.

Maharajbagh Zoo: A Tryst with Exotic Wildlife

Indulge in a rendezvous with nature’s wonders at Maharajbagh Zoo. Encounter majestic Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, Indian elephants, and an eclectic array of rare wildlife species from India and beyond.

Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple: A Tapestry of Ancient Legends

Immerse yourself in the vibrant aura of the Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple. Adorned with mesmerizing wall paintings and symbolic architecture, this temple stands as a testament to ancient tales and spiritual enlightenment.

Deekshabhoomi Complex: A Spiritual Haven

Pay homage to the Deekshabhoomi complex, a sacred ground where global pilgrims gather to witness the pillar commemorating Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism. This profound site echoes cultural richness and spiritual resonance.

Convenient and Reliable Touring Across Nagpur

With AMZ Cabs you can conveniently craft personalized tour schedules lasting anywhere from a few hours up to multiple days depending on your trip’s duration and pace. As your designated tour driver, our staff ensures you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel or other locations anywhere in Nagpur right on time. Avoid wasting precious time navigating the city yourself or hailing random taxis by having our trusted cab service pre-booked to match your custom sightseeing needs.

Whether you’re an individual, couple, family or group, AMZ Cabs has affordable packages tailored to your budget starting under Rs. 2000. Best of all our metered rates often beat Uber and Ola with no surge pricing or hidden fees so you know exactly what your Nagpur adventures will cost upfront. For airport arrivals or returns to board flights out, we also offer 24/7 taxi transfers across all terminals servicing Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport just 15km away.

To discuss your dream itinerary of Nagpur’s top attractions and hidden local favorites or book convenient airport transportation, call AMZ Cabs at 7666840935 or email to get rolling on hassle-free sightseeing today! Our friendly staff is always available to help craft incredible memories exploring Nagpur that will last a lifetime.

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